Lipped Channels

Lip channels are predominantly used as a structural component when erecting or constructing buildings and structures. This has also lead to lip channels quite often being referred to as purlins. Though this may be the main use, cold formed steel lip channels are used for other industries such as racking and shelving, trailer manufacturing and many more make use of lipped channels.

Lip channels are cold formed from a number of different steel types. The most popular steel types used in the roll forming of lipped sections include: Hot Rolled Mild Steel, Z275 Pre-Galvanized Steel and 3CR12 Stainless Steel.
Cold formed lip channels holds a number of potential advantages for the constructor or manufacturer. These advantages include the following:

Inline Hole Punching: Most lip channels can be punched using an inline punch while forming the steel. This allows for quicker and easier construction. We can punch a variety of round holes in our lip channels, depending on the customer's requirement.

Rolled to Length: Lip channels can be rolled to the length requested by the customer. This gives the added benefit of saving cost on cutting, scrap material and transport.
Corrosion Resistant: Lip channels are cold formed from various steel types. Corrosion resistant 3CR12 Stainless Steel and Z275 Pre-Galvanized Material are popular steel types used in the forming of lipped channels.

Variety: A large variety of cold formed lipped channels are seen as standard in the market. The popular sizes and their attributes are indicated in the table below.

Lipped Channel is a good alternative for the hot/cold rolled channels as it offers some advantages over them, such as:If you are looking for top of the range lipped channels give our team a call for competitive prices.