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  1. Efficiency: With a spacing of only 30cm between vertical stay wires, the new BONNOX Close Mesh will positively stop most game including bushbuck, steenbok, red duiker and jackal as well as dogs. This compares with the usual 1,5m spacing between droppers in case of ordinary steel wires which permit most small game to penetrate the fence, unless an additional mesh fence is added at the bottom of the fence at an extra cost. In order to equal the efficiency of BONNOX Close Mesh, the droppers would have to be placed at intervals of 50cm on the ordinary steel wire fence - the cost of this would be prohibitive. Heavy game, such as elephant, will require additional strands of electric fence (
  2. Fewer Straining Posts (up to 200m apart) because of reduced load: Due to the close spacing (30cm) between the vertical stay wires, the BONNOX Close Mesh requires only a strain of 50kg per strand resulting in a total load of only 1000kg per straining post. This compares with a load of 150kg per strand with the ordinary 20-line wire fence resulting in a load of about 3000kg per straining post and about 6000kg per corner post.
  3. Up to 80 Per Cent Labour Saving! BONNOX Close Mesh Fence comes in compact 100m or 200m rolls containing all 20 line wires in the form of a single stable mat. It can be unrolled, flat on the ground, next to the fence line without any entanglements in about 5 minutes. Once the 20 line wires have been attached to the first straining post, the whole 100 length of BONNOX fence can be strained in one single operation with a special clamping tool in about 10 minutes. Total erection time excluding posts, stays and standards is about 30-60 minutes per 100m stretch.

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