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The JMB series is the most powerful and feature rich electric fence energizer JVA has manufactured to date. This continues JVA's push for
technical superiority in the area of Monitored Electric Fencing and IP Energizers®. While the JMB energizers were specifically designed for game parks and exclusion fencing, they are also well suited to any large permanent electric fencing application. The JMB series produces up to a stunning 46J of stored energy, currently the world's largest battery powered energizer. A monitored electric fence reduces maintenance by reporting whenever there is a fault and by allowing you to check the fence from wherever you are using the Internet. The JMB series introduces the JVA Virtual Keypad. This allows you to monitor, control and program the energizer from your Wi-Fi enabled smart device (Phone, Tablet or Laptop). The JMB's can also be controlle


24/7 Fence Information
available via GSM or Wi-Fi

Virtual Keypad
Programming via Smart Device

JVA Jumbo Range

By incorporating Power Monitoring and our patented, Distant Fault Detection (DFD™) technology, the JMB-ZM1 and JMB-ZM2 models can be configured to monitor long fences without the need to create loops or install return wires to connect the end of the fence voltage back to the energizer. This is also known as ‘Start of Fence' monitoring. For those who wish to use traditional ‘End of Fence' monitoring, these models also have an optional fence return


The JMB-ZM1 contains circuitry that allows it to power and monitor a single, high-power fence zone. The Power Monitor measures both the real and reactive components of the fence voltage and feed current. By doing so, it can detect a fault at distances beyond 10km from the Energizer.



The JMB-ZM2 contains circuitry that allows it to power two separate fences. Each fence has its own Power Monitor and optional fence return terminal for end of fence voltage monitoring.


JVA Jumbo ZM50


The JMB-ZM50 contains our patented Loop Monitor with Distant Fault Detection (DFD™). The loop, or loops, of
live wires may run down and back on the same fence or all the way around a property.
While previous fence loop monitors suffered from a range limitation of approximately 10km of fence or 30km of
wire, DFD™ has greatly increased this range.


JVA Perimeter Patrol

JVA Perimeter Patrol provides a visual representation (Mimic) of the property secured by the electric fence system. JVA Perimeter Patrol can
be used to quickly view the status and voltages of electric fences and devices; alert and email the user when the fences, gates or other devices
need attention; arm/disarm electric fences according to a custom schedule and remotely access electric fence systems.
Icons representing the energized zones are positioned over an image of the site map. Status and voltage information from the various zones
throughout the site are updated in real time from a remote or central location. The PC speaker or external Input/Output interface board can be
used to generate an audible alarm.
Using a Wi-Fi Network system around the farm the Perimeter Patrol system can also be integrated into other management requirements such
as CCTV, water management and gate control. The PP Input/Output interface board when linked to the network can operate pumps, gates,
PTZ triggers centre pivots, etc. The Perimeter Patrol software enables one to control and manage one's property from anywhere in the world.

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