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Chemvet Steel and Fencing is a proud manufacturer of fencing products including posts, stays, wire and gates. We believe in providing customers quality manufacturer fencing products and services at affordable prices and can now offer customers De-fence Max Mesh, Mid Mesh and De-fence Electromesh

You can purchase equipment, products, gear (even delivery and DIY solutions or installation if needed) - Chemvet is your 1-stop shop! Chemvet Steel and Fencing have been specialising in steel, fencing and poultry houses since 1979. Our team can assist you in finding the best option whether domestic, industrial or agricultural.

Defence Max - High Security Fencing System

The Defence Max - High Security Fencing System is designed for front line physical perimeter protection, whilst simultaneously allowing a clear line of sight for CCTV monitoring and electronic detection systems. The high strength welded mesh panels are manufactured with narrow apertures secured to the posts by our unique interlocking fixing system, designed to create a seamless join along the entire length of the post for maximum strength and rigidity. The modular system allows for a range of extensions to be installed to suit your requirements, including spikes, razor wire and electric fencing.


Defence Max - Product Applications

- Power Plant

- Military Sites

- Airports

- Distribution Centres

- Telecom Facilities

Our unique, interlocking fixing system is designed to lock the wave bends into the post channel before fitting the flat bar flange, resulting in a seamless join onto the post. This design element ultimately increases the integrity of the completed fencing structure as well as ease of assembly

Defence Max High Security System


Defence Mid - Medium Security Fencing System

Medium Security Fencing System

The De0fence Mid - Medium Security Fencing System is designed to be unobtrusive and practical. Ideal for commercial property perimeters such as garages and fast food drive-through outlets where shopfront visibility and access control is important. The high tensile welded mesh panels are secured by a customised bracket system that is tamper proof and easy to assemble