Chemvet - Dead - End

Dead-End is a one component liquid designed to be applied as a primary coating onto metal surfaces to help prevent rust and as an undercoat, Dead-End is specially good when used with Sno-Cote, No. 42 on our product list, on metal roofs. Dead-End has excellent vapour barrier properties as well as adhesion properties. Dead-End works very well when painted onto steel reinforcing before enclosing the reinforcing in concrete, in helping to prevent the reinforcing from rusting. Dead-End works well on galvanized metal as an undercoat or bonding agent and acts against rust formation. Dead-End is especially good on asbestos or cement fiber products, roofs etc. acting as a excellent sealer of the fibers and under coat or bonding fluid.

Dead-End acts as an excellent bonding agent primer and undercoat between masonry, mortar, plaster, off shutter concrete etc. and water miscible over coats

Dead-End is water based, thus equipment can be washed with ordinary tap water while still wet.

Dead-End Surface preparation

The substrate must be clean, dry and stable before applying Dead-End.

Dead-End Coverage

Up to 13 square meters per liter depending on the substrate.

Dead-End Application

Dead-End can be applied by brush roller or spray applicators.
Dead-End comes in clear or coloured variants which includes white.

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