Electric Fencing.

With the ever-looming threat of armed burglary, more and more South African families and businesses are opting for electrical fencing to ensure their loved ones and livelihoods remain out of harm's way. A correctly designed Electric Fence is paramount in today's troubled times. An Electric Fence is your Home's or Business' first line of defence. A correctly designed and installed fence should offer you peace of mind, not only as a physical barrier, but also as an alarm and early warning system.

With experience over the years in electric fencing Chemvet steel and fencing has successfully completed the installation of hundreds of electric fences for hundreds of highly satisfied customers. We are experienced to install electric fencing to have the best impact in protecting your home.

No electric fencing job is too big or too small. Whether you need existing electric fence rewiring and repairs or the installation of an electric fence around a game farm, Chemvet has the expertise to successfully and timeously complete any electric fencing project:

  • Residential electric fencing
  • Commercial electric fencing
  • Industrial electric fencing
  • Electric fences for game farms and animal control

3 reasons for investing in electric fencing

  • It offers cost-effective perimeter security and deters criminals from trying to enter your property
  • It's easy to erect on an existing wall or fence, including palisade fences, or it can be installed as a standalone perimeter fence
  • Maintenance costs are low – all you need is an annual check to ensure that all is in working order.

Chemvet steel and fencing have been erecting electric fencing since 1976, our team are qualified and we offer the components with the fencing. View our fencing brochures or give us a call for more information on our electric fencing products and services.