Hinge-Joint Fencing

Chemvet realises the need to secure your valuable assets and therefore manufactures tailor made Chemvet Hinge-Joint blockwire according to your preferences. A wide product range of different uses and heights for every use can be manufactured and all Hinge-Joint products are fully galvanised.

All Hinge-Joint fences are prefabricated and no extra line wires are required.

Chemvet Hinge-Joint has the advantage over a normal steel wire fence that less tension is put on corner posts. All Chemvet Hinge-Joint fences are manufactured in compact 100m rolls, therefore transport and handling costs are reduced. A few popular items in the range include Chemvet Hinge-Joint Predator, Livestock, Block-Out, Game fence , and Combination.

Flexible, adaptable, economical Hinge joint similar to Field Fence and Bonnox is a way to enclose large areas efficiently and safely for a variety of animal types and applications. Hinge jointed field fence prevents entry into fields by predators and small animals using a graduated spacing design with narrower openings at the bottom.

The design is meant for durability, and the hinged joints encourage the fence to spring back into shape after animal impacts, minimizing maintenance and repairs.
Hi-tensile, heavy hot dip galvanised Hinge joint wire are a great value product for a multitude of fencing applications including…

• dogs, sheep, goats and other animal fences
• boundary and internal paddock fences

Range of fence heights, wire configurations and roll lengths to suit your fencing requirements. The hinge joint is a flexible joint that moves to absorb impacts and springs back to shape again. It is similar to the Stocklock mesh commonly used in the rural industry. All meshes are graduated with horizontal wires at the ground level closer together, gets wider at the top of the fence - this ensures smaller animals cannot get through the apertures near the ground.

Hinged Joint fencing is the most popular pre-fabricated fence used globally. The Hinged Joint allows the necessary flexibility to move without breaking wires when pressure is placed on the fence by stock.

Hinge joint fencing has four wrap hinge joint, in which two vertical stay wires wrap together to form hinged joint. The knot acts as a hinge that gives under pressure, then springs back into shape. This provides easy installation because the hinge "gives" while retaining full height for continuing protection and good looks. Vertical wires are individually cut and wrapped for maximum strength and flexibility. Hinge joint fence is a popular choice for farm fencing.

Easy installation.
Fully galvanised ensures quality , thus a long life .
High utility value - wide range of applications (animal's fields, farmland, lawns and gardens).

Call Chemvet steel and fencing for premium manufactured hinge joint fencing. Our team can assist you in the best resources for all your needs.

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