Exciting New JVA Electric Fence Energizer Range

Chemvet are pleased to announce that we have been appointed distributors of the exciting new JVA range of Agricultural Electric Fence Energizers. While not a new brand - JVA have been producing security electric fence energizers for many years and these are currently being sold in over forty countries around the world - JVA is now producing a range of agricultural/wildlife energizers which are having a strong impact in these markets.

Drawing on over 40 years' of experience in the South African electric fencing market and assembled locally, the JVA Range is tough and robust to suit local conditions and most excitingly, it is very economical: JVA units are almost half the price of equivalently powered, imported units.

Used in conjunction with JVA ZM1, ZM20 or ZM50 Multi-sector monitors, JVA MB16 energizers have already been installed on a number of South Africa's leading wildlife reserves and currently work is in progress on a 100Km guerrilla fence in DRC.

Some Features of our JVA LCD Range
- Self-resetting fuse
- Solar capability
-Low battery indication
- Over discharge battery protection
- Battery life maximization
- Battery voltage measurement
- Power adaptor included
- Audible alarm
- Bi-Polar output
- 3-year warranty.
- Mains powered
- Battery powered
- Digital control
- Smooth wave shape
- Power on demand
- LCD showing Kv and stored energy
- Ant and moisture protection
- UV stable enclosure
- Overload indication (audible and visible)
- Lightning protection
- Reverse battery protection