Poultry Netting

Poultry Netting can be set up in minutes with no elaborate list of materials or special tools needed. Its simple, lightweight design allows the fence to be moved and set up repeatedly, making for instant pastures and enclosures. Due to the wires being woven around each other more than twice, if a wire is cut, it does not break down like conventional wire. And most importantly, an electric net fence protects poultry from predators.

Uses of Poultry Netting:

  • Garden and flower fencing
  • Poultry and small animal enclosures
  • Insulation retainers
  • Storage bins
  • Stone wrapping

Features of Poultry Netting:

  • Reinforced wire lines.
  • Even spacing across
  • Galvanized before weaving
  • A total of 12 horizontal fence lines of which 11 are electrified. The bottom wire is not electrified as it touches the ground
  • Metal clip to join multiple nets together
  • Two - pronged metal foot for stability
  • Repair kit and corner post tie downs included
  • Multiple nets are easily connected

Advantages of Poultry Netting:

  • Remains perfectly straight and flat
  • Adaptable for all fencing needs
  • Long lasting

You need to research your local area and create a list of known predators; you can then review the variety of poultry netting choices below and make an informed decision.

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