Chemvet - Seal-Rite

Seal-Rite is a coating consisting of a water based plastic resin blend, uv stable, which is fortified by a compound making an extremely powerful surface coating that can be applied to any asbestos cement fibre products, be they roof sheets or otherwise. This will bind the asbestos cement making it safe.

Seal-Rite also adds flexural strength to the asbestos fibre products , prevents weathering and natural decay thereby adding tremendously to the life of asbestos fibre products before decay sets in.

Seal-Rite adds substantial waterproofing properties to coated surfaces and regulates thermal shock by preventing the substrate from absorbing heat thus eliminating expansion and contraction of the asbestos fibre products (Substrate). In this way Seal-Rite has major cooling properties as it also does not retain energy thus stays cool keeping the roof or other substrate cool and reduces inside air temperatures of buildings by up to 25%.

Seal-Rite is itself an environmentally friendly product which does not support combustion, has no carcinogenic properties and is not classified as hazardous by the European Standards Authority.

Seal-Rite Preparation

Surface preparation should follow our general surface preparation guidelines if applicable or lawful.

Seal-Rite Application

Apply by brush roller or spray applicators.1 onto suitably prepared surface.

Seal-Rite Coverage

6 to 8 square meters per kg.

Seal-Rite Packs

20 Lt. Containers.

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