Stainless Steel Mesh

Stainless steel mesh is wire mesh, which is produced using weaving technology specially adapted to the material. The wires used can have a diameter of 12 µm to 7 mm, depending on the stainless steel alloy.

In industry, stainless steel mesh is mainly used in filtration and separation technology. The combination of material and weaving technology makes it possible to manufacture accurately reproducible mesh media, which are characterized by the extremely low variance of the pore size and by the high stability of the pore geometry. This distinguishes stainless steel mesh from, e.g. synthetic mesh with the same filter fineness.

The stainless steel alloys used are crucial in determining the fields of use in terms of corrosion, temperatures and strengths. The currently available materials made of stainless steel and its alloys can be used in extremely corrosive environments as well as in applications exposed to very high temperatures. Stainless steel wire mesh can be processed into specially developed filter elements by means of further refinement through welding, soldering, bonding and sintering technologies, which are exactly adapted to the type of wire mesh.

Due to their particular properties, stainless steel meshes are also very popular in architecture. Stainless steel mesh surfaces are more than just design objects, thanks to their wide range of functions: Ideal for outdoor applications, stainless steel facade panels up to 8 m in width can be produced, which reduce the solar energy entering the building in summer and keep the heat inside the building in winter.

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