Steel Round Bar

Steel Round Bar is an essential material used for fabrication, manufacturing and repair. Round Bar is measured by diameter. When purchasing round bar, one critical decision to make is whether use cold rolled (CR) or hot rolled (HR) steel, which represent two different processing methods at the mill.

As its name suggests, hot rolled steel is rolled at an extremely hot temperature, which allows it to be easily shaped and formed. Cold rolled steel bar is subjected to an additional level of processing in a cold reduction mill, called cold finishing. During this process, the bar undergoes drawing to increase tensile strength, turning to remove surface flaws, grinding to produce closer dimensional tolerances and polishing to improve the finish.

Given the additional processing, you may expect to pay somewhat more for cold rolled round bar than hot rolled round bar. CR round bar, while somewhat harder to work with than HR round bar, is best suited to applications requiring stricter tolerances and straightness. For situations where strict tolerances, surface condition and straightness are not as important, HR round bar makes a logical choice.

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