Wire Manufacturer Gauteng

Our Wire Manufacturing variations

  1. Iowa Barbed Wire
  2. Drakensberg Barbed Wire
  3. Galvanised Wire
  4. High Strain Wire
  5. Diamond Mesh
  6. Standards and Droppers
  7. Hexagonal Wire Netting
  8. Field Fence and Precision Mesh

We Offer various types of woven wire mesh:

Most commonly used weave. Each weft wire passes alternatively over and under each warm wire and vice versa. Warp and weft wire diameters are generally the same. Plain weave meshes are available with apertures from 10.7mm (2 mesh) to 0.05mm (325 mesh).

Stronger than Plain Weave. Each weft wire alternatively crosses over two, then under two warp wires, producing a diagonal pattern. The wire diameter for both warp and weft is normally the same. Twill weave is usually used to accommodate heavier than standard wire diameter in association with a given mesh. Specifications finer than 300 are normally twill woven.

A Palin Weave with the wrap wires of larger diameter than the weft. The weave is made up of a limited number of wrap wires interwoven with the maximum number of weft which can be knocked up. This cloth is strong and firm and is most frequently used for high pressure filtration.

At Chemvet Steel and Fencing we offer top of the range woven wire mesh which can be used in your fencing for your farms or game farm. Give our team call and we can offer you the best solution to use the woven wire mesh.

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