Fanie Holtzhausen

I just want to say thanks for the delivery of the fencing and equipment, much appreciated. Your boss needs to give you a raise.

Theo Potgieter

First of all, I want to thank you for the quality of the gates you previously supplied. As always, it is a real pleasure to receive a good quality product at a competitive price.


You are one of the most relaxed, friendliest buyers I know. Never a dull moment or allow anything to hinder you from your work or your attitude. You are a go getter and only the best will do. The owners of Chemvet has certainly picked the right person for the job and...

Christell Venter

I love working with you, you are friendly and have lovely manners. You always speak nicely and praise my standard of work. I would recommend you to anyone 😉

Mr Dennis

Thanks again for your excellent and efficient service!