Hinge Joint Fencing

Hinge Joint Fencing by Chemvet Steel & Fencing


A trusted hinge joint fencing manufacturer and supplier, Chemvet Steel and Fencing hinge joint fencing (or field fencing) is suitable for livestock, big and small game, predators and combination fences. Hinge joint fences consist of high tensile steel horizontal wire and vertical wire wrapped around it. Kinks in the horizontal wire offer flexibility.


The advantages of choosing Chemvet hinge joint fencing:


  •  It saves you labour. Chemvet’s hinge joint fencing is supplied in compact 100m rolls that are easy to transport and handle, reducing labour costs. The erecting procedure is quick and simple – no need for extensive labour.
  • It guarantees value for money. Our fencing is fully galvanised, which ensures a longer lifespan and increased corrosion and rust resistance.
  • It is cost-effective. Straining posts are only needed every 98m, while standards should be added every 8 to 10m. No droppers are needed since vertical wires keep the fence upright and stable. No line wires are required as the horizontal line wires are high tensile steel wires.
  • It is flexible. There is less tension on straining posts. The high joint knot is a flexible hinge designed to allow the fence to flex under pressure, but still retain its form. The tension curve “kink” on horizontal steel wires can expand and contract in changing climates and terrain.
  • A wide range of options. Choose from various patterns manufactured to suit almost any application. Chemvet houses ample stock, while it can be electrified using off-set brackets, if preferred.


The product features:
  • Horizontal line wire diameter: 2mm high tensile steel wire and a breaking strain of approximately 1400mpa.
  • Vertical line wire diameter: 2mm mild steel and a breaking strain of approximately 800mpa.
  • 100m Length per roll
  • Fully galvanised
  • All wire adheres to SABS and ISO 9002 specifications.
  • Custom types can be manufactured upon request.

Chemvet hinge joints are manufactured in various sizes, including blockout, predator, livestock and game fence and 50-50. Contact us to receive a custom solution for hinge joint fencing manufacturing and supply.