Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing by Chemvet Steel & Fencing


Electric fencing is the preferred means used by farmers to control livestock. In addition, monitored electric fences have also become increasingly popular to enhance perimeter security in urban areas. If you’re in the market for quality electric fencing solutions, Chemvet is a proud supplier of a range of trusted Stafix and JVA products, provided by Ndlovu Fencing, which includes a wide range of accessories and services to offer you a comprehensive customer experience.


There are several advantages to top-quality electric fencing, including:
  • Low cost
  • Non-labour intensive
  • Longer lifespan
  • Can reinforce existing fences
  • Low maintenance
  • No injury or damage to livestock
  • Contains all classes of livestock
  • Reduces waste
  • Encourages quick rotation grazing
  • Makes backfencing easy
  • Is an effective security barrier, when monitored

An electric fencing system requires three basic components, including an energiser, an earthing system and a fence line. Join these together, and you have an electric fence. Electricity flows through a closed circuit of live wires and ground or earth return wires. If any of these components are faulty, the system will not work.


Stafix and JVA products offered by Chemvet include, but are not limited to:



A comprehensive range of energisers are innovatively engineered to provide you with high-power performance capability and patented new technologies which are unmatched in its class.


Gate automation and access control

Through Stafix, Chemvet stocks a large selection of sliding and swing gate automation products. Access control solutions are on offer with the E.T. Motor Range and a variety of intercom systems.


Surveillance systems

Wireless transmissions are essential on large sites, such as game farms. Wireless design services are offered, which integrate CCTV and perimeter patrol software allowing you to monitor fence conditions and CCTV feeds from various locations. Also on offer is the Stafix exclusive Roboguard wireless outdoor surveillance system which complements any security system.

Complete your electric fence system with an extensive range of electric fence testers and monitors, JVA software and keypads, gate options, poles, posts and standards, and more.

Get in touch with Chemvet’s specialist team to provide you with a fully customised one-stop electric fencing solution.