Stock Fencing

Stock Fencing by Chemvet Steel & Fencing


Chemvet Steel and Fencing manufactures and supplies prime stock fencing products and materials for agricultural purposes. Stock fencing is used to contain livestock or to keep animals out of an area. Cattle are strong enough to penetrate most types of fencing. It is therefore essential that your stock fencing is effective and unyielding. Chemvet stocks a range of options to secure and contain your livestock.

We offer excellent quality products of choice for cattle fencing, including barbed wire and field fence.


Chemvet stock fencing options include:


Barbed wire

Product application includes perimeter fencing, though it does not offer security benefits. Barbed wire cattle fences act as a particularly effective barrier to fence livestock animals. Cattle fences consist of five single or double strands of barbed wire. Strand variations are determined by the type of livestock being fenced, such as cattle, sheep or goats.


Field fence

Chemvet offers a variety of field fence heights and block sizes, depending on the type of livestock being contained, such as sheep, goats or cattle. It is considered the ideal fencing choice for livestock farmers as field fence blocks ensure that small animals are contained or cannot penetrate the barrier. It is a woven fence consisting of several smooth horizontal and vertical wire strands. Wire spacing depends on fence height as it generally widens as the fence height increases.

Chemvet’s stock fencing options are readily available and fully customisable. Contact us for a comprehensive quote that will meet your stock fencing requirements or read on to learn more about Chemvet’s trusted stock fencing products.