Lattice Towers

Lattice Towers by Chemvet Steel & Fencing


A lattice tower is a freestanding framework tower. They can be used as a radio tower (a self-radiating tower or as a carrier for aerials) or as an observation tower. 3 Legged Tubular Steel Tower is a self-supporting high-rise steel structure. Main features: 3 Legged Tubular Steel Tower is made of steel pipe, and the body has a triangular cross section.


  • The steel pipe is used as the column material, the wind load coefficient is small, and the wind resistance is strong.
  • The tower column is connected by an outer flange,
  • The tower is arranged in a triangular shape to save steel.
  • The roots are small, the land resources are saved, and the site selection is convenient.
  • The tower body is light in weight,
  • Truss structure design, convenient transportation and installation, and short construction period.