Feedlots by Chemvet Steel & Fencing


Design Objectives


The design objectives for a feedlot production pen are to:
  • Provide an environment for cattle where production performance and animal welfare are maximised
  • Promote safe access for cattle to and from the pen
  • Minimise environmental impacts such as odour and dust
  • Promote drainage to provide a comfortable environment for cattle and minimise environmental impact
  • Optimise the management and removal of manure from the pens
  • Minimise ongoing maintenance costs
  • Provide a safe working environment for pen riders and other feedlot personnel.
Construction of a new feedlot or expansion of an existing feedlot requires adequate planning.
The goals of planning cattle feedlots are to:
  • Minimise animal and worker stress during handling
  • Feed cattle in an adequate and efficient manner
  • Provide well drained cattle space
  • Maintain efficiency and profitability of feeding operations
  • Protect the surrounding environment