Security Fencing

Security Fencing by Chemvet Steel & Fencing


Chemvet Steel and Fencing is the leading manufacturer and supplier of impenetrable fencing products. Our long-standing tradition of top-quality fence manufacturing and service excellence ensures that you find a fencing solution that works best for you.

Chemvet manufactures and stocks a wide range of security fencing options, including electric fences (free standing, wall-top, piggyback), as well as diamond mesh, razor mesh, welded mesh and palisade.


Which option is right for you?


Electric fence options

If you are looking for tamper-proof and hassle-free electric fences, Chemvet provides various popular product options:

  • Free standing electric fence: Mainly used for high security purposes, this fence is permanent and self-standing. It is usually one of several layers of perimeter security around high-security establishments.
  • Wall-top electric fencing: Wall-top electric fences attach to the top of an existing perimeter barrier, such as a masonry wall.
  • Piggyback electric fence: Designed to add another layer of security to an existing perimeter barrier, this fence is permanently secured to a supporting structure, such as a palisade fence, mesh fence or precast wall.
Other security fence options

If you are in the market for non-electric fences that offer strength and rigidity to maximise security, Chemvet stocks additional security fencing options:

  • Diamond mesh: A medium security barrier, Chemvet’s diamond mesh is available in various heights and sizes, depending on your unique needs. Installing diamond mesh with flat wrap or concertina razor wire optimises perimeter security.
  • Razor mesh: A high security fencing option, razor mesh is used to secure commercial, industrial and government sites. This product is virtually impossible to penetrate or damage with standard tools.
  • Welded mesh: As a medium security barrier effective for perimeter fence, dog kennel and bird cage applications, this strong wire mesh is manufactured using different wire thicknesses and aperture sizes.
  • Palisade: Often used for perimeter security in residential and commercial areas, palisade fencing is the ideal option if you are looking for perimeter security with high visibility.

Contact the Chemvet team today and we’ll supply you with your ideal fencing option.