5 Palisade Fencing Benefits For Commercial Property Security

May 31, 2022 | Articles

Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing: Top 5 Benefits for Commercial Property Security Chemvet Palisade Fencing

Perimeter security starts with a solid and difficult-to-breach boundary barricade. Palisade fencing meets this requirement, which is also why it is used for commercial, industrial, and residential properties alike. But if you’re still wondering which type of fence will work best for your property, consider the benefits of palisade fencing as discussed below.

Visual deterring measure

Every measure taken to prevent boundary breaches helps to reduce crime incidences. With valuable assets on your residential, commercial or industrial property, you need visual deterrents to reduce opportunistic attempts to intrude. If criminals are determined to get into a property, they’ll make a plan. But having this type of fence in place already makes it more difficult to scale without injury while it also provides visibility of the area, reducing potential hiding spots. It is strong and durable making it tough to cut. With this deterrent, criminals might rather try to enter other properties that are easier targets.

Difficult to scale and breach

To easily climb over a wall or fence, an introducer requires some type of foothold or must have a ladder high enough to scale it. What makes palisade fencing different is the lack of foothold space. The fence doesn’t have steps or foot space. In addition, it comes with spiked top ends. Climbing over these without sustaining injuries is a challenge at best.

Security without compromising visibility of surrounds

The design enables you to view your surroundings from within the property, making it easier to spot criminals scouting the environment. You can also see into the property, thereby making it difficult for intruders to enter and hide behind the boundary fence. With visibility of the surroundings and into the property, intruders don’t have the opportunity to go unnoticed from outside of the property. This visibility acts as a deterrent since criminals know that they cannot gather outside the property without drawing attention. They also know that people from the street can see what they’re doing inside the property perimeter.

Exceptional durability

Fences are expensive, especially for large properties. It makes sense to invest in a fence that will last for years to ensure value for money. Palisade fencing fits the profile because it is made from galvanised steel or steel that has been powder coated. In both instances, the steel is protected against corrosion, giving the material a long service life. With this type of fence, you don’t have to be concerned about premature rust development that can affect its durability and integrity.

Low cost of ownership over its lifetime because of low maintenance needs

Unlike walls that require fresh coats of paint every few years or wire fences that might need tension adjustments to ensure integrity, palisade fencing requires little upkeep. When dirty, simply spray with a hose. An annual visual inspection is enough to spot any areas that require a powder coat or paint. Simply work on the specific section without coating or repairing the entire fence.

Where to get a quote on quality palisade fencing

We at Chemvet Steel & Fencing manufacture customised fence solutions for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential applications. Our products and procedures meet ISO standards, and we deliver throughout South Africa and across the border. In addition, we have a track record of excellence dating back to 1979. Reach out to discuss your particular perimeter fencing needs.

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