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May 31, 2022 | Articles

Chemvet steel walkways

Our Custom and Standard Solutions for Roofing and Walkway Steel Structures Chemvet steel walkways 

 When it comes to steel structures, it is imperative to use quality materials that meet specific industry standards. It is just as important to purchase the products from a trusted supplier with a proven track record of manufacturing custom solutions that meet clients’ requirements.

Chemvet Steel & Fencing meets your bespoke requirements. As a long-standing supplier of custom solutions regarding a range of products, we have credibility with farmers, contractors, engineers, and developers. Our products and processes meet the requirements of local and international quality standards.

Our customised solutions range includes from open sections to hollow sections, walkway system components, roof sheeting and structural sections, and are also applicable to farm buildings. Have a closer look at some of the solutions below to help you gain insight into our product and solutions expertise regarding steel structures.

Roofing and cladding

We offer from corrugated and Inverted Box Rib (IBR) to widespan and craft-lock systems and solutions. In terms of corrugated sheets, you have the option of the S-rib profile, suitable for cladding and roofing. Corrugated S-rib sheets are easy to handle and fix. The design adds to the sheet strength. The sheets can be factory cranked, curved and bullnosed to meet the radii requirements of the customer. For more information, read our roof sheeting section.

IBR is another one of the products forming part of our steel structures solutions. It is square flute and made specifically for roofing or side cladding of buildings. The flute design is what gives IBR its superb drainage features while the excellent weight versus load/span capacity is also a reason for the widespread use in roofing and cladding of commercial and industrial buildings. You can also find more information on IBR in our roofing section.

Another product in our roofing and cladding category is the Widespan, which is a well-known economic alternative to IBR. It has superb span and can be used in lower roof slopes than the corrugated sheets, while it gives the same width cover. These can also be custom factory cranked, curved or bullnosed.

A fourth product in the roofing or cladding section is what we call Craft-Lock®. This product has excellent water-carrying features with its 41 mm trough depth, making it well-suited for low roof pitch applications. These have concealed fasteners, meaning the sheets can only be removed from the inside. If you’re looking for a secure roofing solution, then the Craft-Lock® sheet is the answer. Read more on these and related products under our roofing section.

Walkway systems

We produce standard and custom walkway system components in our factory. You have options ranging from stainless steel to mild steel and aluminium materials for the handrails, gratings and other elements forming part of these structures. Our custom solutions include from platform to side offset, weld-on, or bolt-style to side mount. These walkways are used in mine settings, shopping malls, farm dam wall crossings, and sports stadiums, to mention only a few applications. Read more about our standard and custom solutions for walkways here.

Want to know more about our solutions for steel structures?

Contact us for expert assistance and quotes on these and other products in our portfolio. We offer our solutions and delivery throughout South Africa and across the border.

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