Diamond Mesh Fencing As An Affordable Metal Fence Option

Jun 20, 2022 | Articles

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Diamond Mesh Fencing as One of the Most Affordable Metal Fence Options

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, cost-effective and see-through fence option for a residential, agricultural, commercial or industrial setting, then diamond mesh fencing is the answer. Let’s take a closer look at this all-round functional fence solution.

Alternative names

Diamond mesh is also known by names like link and wire mesh fence. This is due to the shape of the metal pattern and the way the metal wire is connected.

Benefits of diamond mesh fencing

Every type of fence solution available from Chemvet Steel & Fencing has specific advantages. The diamond mesh fence can be used in many settings because of the benefits it offers as discussed below.

Low fence maintenance needs

This fencing solution is easy to maintain because of the steel from which it is made, the sturdiness and support it gets from the droppers, and the corner pole structures to which it is attached.

Prevent animal breakthrough

Due to the relatively small openings and the tightness of the fence wire, it is difficult for larger predators to get through, ensuring the safety of small farm animals and birds. It is also suitable for keeping pets inside the property.

Durable fence solution

The wire is weather-resistant due to protective layers, including a PVC coating or zinc, which adds a level of rust resistance. It is not necessary to paint it or apply a protective coating every year. If properly installed, with sufficient stretching and tight connection to the support droppers, it will stay neat for years to come.

Main features of diamond mesh fencing

The wire strands are usually made from galvanised metal. This gives the underlying metal long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion. In some instances, a coloured PVC coating is applied, which also provides protection against weather elements.

Various size openings are available while you can also order different heights and lengths to meet your fencing needs.

One of the most affordable fence options

It is cheaper than most types of fences like walls, palisades, prefabricated concrete, and wood. With this in mind, property owners often install diamond mesh and add an electric fence on top or razor wire in between with barbed wire on top to add extra security.

This type of metal fence holds its shape well and doesn’t easily sag if correctly installed with the right stretch and support. If it starts to sag after a few years, simply pull it tight and ensure the support structures are still sufficiently in place.

How to maintain the fence to ensure durability

If the fence is exposed to excessive moisture over a long period, it can cause corrosion. Keeping the area surrounding the fence clear from debris, bushes and dirt that can cause excessive moisture prolongs its durability. It is also possible to ensure durability through the application of a zinc coating to add a protective layer. Remove plant growth from the fence as this can lead to high moisture conditions that can affect its durability.

Where to order

Reach out to Chemvet Steel & Fencing to discuss your diamond mesh fencing needs in South Africa.

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