How Leading Manufacturers of Feedlots Can Assist in the Expansion of Existing Feedlots

Aug 16, 2023 | Articles


When it comes to a feedlot enterprise, the success of the business lies in effective feedlotting practices. At Chemvet Steel & Fencing, we are the leading manufacturers of feedlots in South Africa, providing farmers with top-quality feedlot systems that maximise the welfare of the cattle.


Why Expand a Feedlot with Help from Expert Manufacturers of Feedlots?

The exponential growth of the population has led to a rise in beef production, with farmers relying heavily on new infrastructure and upgrades of existing ones, especially feedlots. As leading manufacturers of feedlots, we at Chemvet Steel & Fencing understand that this is a growing business and that by improving feed efficiency through the expansion of existing feedlots, farmers can contribute to a more sustainable and profitable production system.


Factors to Consider When Designing a Feedlot

Manufacturers of feedlots must be in a position to understand the specific requirements for your system and take into consideration the production performance of the cattle as well as the safety of the personnel working the feedlot systems, to name a few. What we will do is consult with you to make sure that your various concerns are met when we expand your existing feedlot.

Growing beef-production facilities requires adequate planning, which we, as manufacturers of feedlots, understand. We have set out the following goals, similar to setting up your initial feedlot, to ensure that your expanding business remains profitable.


Adequate Space

As the welfare of the cattle is our biggest concern, when expanding feedlots, you need to have sufficient land for the maximum density of cattle per feedlot. Having a bigger area ensures that fewer animals will be injured or harmed and provides enough space for handlers to check for diseases or injuries.


Feed and Water

Your existing feedlot system would have been sufficient for your initial herd but may no longer be adequate. We need to make sure that your growing business is capable of feeding the cattle adequately and in an efficient manner. With cattle consuming between 50 to 55 litres of water a day, we need to make sure that the supply of water is more than ample and if alternate sources have been investigated.


Drainage and Pens

As expanding your feedlots includes the expansion of pens, we need to properly assess that your current holding and adapting pens are suitable for your growing concern. Do we need to build additional steel sorting pens and gates? Is the drainage below your feedlots sufficient enough to carry the excess run-off from your expanding herd? These factors were first considered when your feedlots were first constructed. However, they need to be revisited.

Feedlots are specifically designed for their economic viability. However, considerations such as the suitability of the site and environmental sustainability remain vital aspects to be included in the successful implementation and management of both new and existing feedlots.


Leading Steel and Fencing Manufacturers

At Chemvet Steel & Fencing, we are passionate about the contribution the farming community has to a growing nation and have, for over four decades, manufactured and supplied fencing and steel products to enhance farm productivity. From feedlots to pig housing and poultry houses, we assist customers with the latest technology in the design of feeding and housing systems, as well as extensions.

Our affordable prices, DIY offerings, and ability to service a wide market sector have made us the go-to specialists in the industry. Contact us and we will gladly assist you with the expansion of your feedlots.

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