Importance of a Farm Gate and the Customisation Thereof

Jul 27, 2022 | Articles

Sliding farm gate

The Benefits of a Farm Gate and Why You Need a Supplier Offering Customised Solutions

Regardless of the land size, a fence is useless if the access area is not protected. Farm gates play an integral role in the security, animal movement management, accessibility to camps, and aesthetic value of the property.

For access between camps, the conventional gate works well, but when it comes to perimeter fences and access, you need a higher and stronger type of gate. So, for improved security, you might want to add an electric fence on top of the gate and automate the opening and closing thereof. To this end, it is important to partner with a supplier that offers customised farm gates to meet your particular application needs. But let’s first consider the benefits and applications of farm gates before introducing you to the ideal supplier.

  • Improved privacy

If you own a smallholding or agricultural estate, you don’t want people to invade your private space. To ensure privacy and prevention of unauthorised access, you want the gate to be designed to prevent accidental and unauthorised access to your homestead section. However, if you have to go to the gate to open it, especially if you have a long driveway, it can become a hassle and security risk. To this end, customisation and remote opening and closing functionality are important.

  • Improved property protection

No doubt, trespassers look for easy entry points to your property. The conventional agricultural gate doesn’t stop them. You want higher security and for that, you need a customised solution. Without a gate to prevent unauthorised access, trespassers can move freely on your property. The gate provides a controlled barrier to protect your assets, family members, home, and animals.

  • Farm gates improve livestock movement control and keep your animals safe

A closed gate means predators stay out, stock thieves are prevented from free movement with their vehicles, and animals are kept within the enclosed areas. The gate must be just as high or protected as the fence to be effective. Although predators can indeed dig holes underneath the gate to gain access, this is also possible with a fence. In both instances, customised solutions can prevent this. The gated access to the different camps makes it easier for you to manage livestock movement while giving you ease of access between the sections.

  • Improve property appeal and value

A strong and well-designed gate makes a statement. It adds security and kerb appeal to your agricultural abode. To this end, partner with a supplier able to provide a range of customisation solutions to ensure your gate matches your security, deterrent, access, and aesthetic appeal requirements.

Where to find a supplier that provides customisation solutions for farm gates?

Partner with Chemvet Steel and Fencing as leading manufacturers and suppliers of a range of solutions for farmers across South Africa. With a proven record of quality manufacturing and in-depth knowledge of security fencing and access control, we understand your needs. Reach out for a quote and more information about our customised solutions for farm gates.

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