Razor Wire For Improved Perimeter Security

Jun 20, 2022 | Articles

razor wire

Why Choose Razor Wire to Improve Perimeter Security?

Criminals look for the easiest targets. True, if they’re committed to entering a property, not even the tightest security will stop them from trying but barbed and razor wire additions to fences are effective deterrents.

What is the difference between barbed and razor wire?

The two types of fences are similar in many ways with only technical differences. Razor wire is made from high-tension strands upon which exceptionally sharp and strong barbs, made from steel, are machine-installed. The strands can be coiled to create a spiral top of very sharp ribbon on top of a fence.

Barbed wire consists of straight wire strands with pointed barbs or sharpened edges along the length of the strands. These can also be placed on top of a fence to increase security. In farming practices, these are rolled and placed in areas where the farmer wants to deter livestock from breaking through.

The two types are both effective for security, especially in industrial settings or on top of farm fences to prevent livestock thieves from jumping the fence. Razor wire is often also installed on top of wooden, concrete, palisade and stone walls to increase the security effectiveness of the property barrier. Advantages of razor ribbon include:

High-level security

Due to the sharp edges and the coiled formation, these types of security additions deter criminals from scaling fences. The risk of injury is high, which is why it is so effective. It is also difficult to cut through without the right equipment.

An inexpensive way to add security and a deterrent

It is a cost-effective product for installation on top of the boundary fence and requires little maintenance over its lifespan. As such, it is an inexpensive way to add a highly effective security layer.

Customisable security

You can choose the length of the ribbon to meet your application requirements and decide on the frequency of placement along the fence, giving the security solution a modular character.

Sustainable security

Installation is effective with no debris or residue left afterwards, making it a sustainable security solution. It can be recycled as well. The ribbon can be re-installed on another fence or in a different location.

Razor wire can be combined with other types of fences

You can add it to an existing diamond mesh fence, combine it with electric fencing and install it on top of palisades.

Fast installation

Using special gloves and the right cutters, this solution can be installed quickly, enabling you to cover a large area in a short period.

Bulk production equals low cost

Because we manufacture this product in bulk, we’re able to offer it to you at a highly competitive rate.

Quality guaranteed

Chemvet Steel & Fencing has a proven track record of steel, fence and security solutions in South Africa. We follow strict production and material quality-check procedures to ensure all our products comply with manufacturing, steel, quality, and safety requirements. Our products are widely used in industries and on farms throughout the country.

View our range of steel products and reach out for a quote and sales assistance on razor wire to improve your property’s security.

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