Security Fencing That Meets Your Perimeter Protection Needs

Apr 13, 2022 | Articles

When it comes to livestock protection and farm safety, the first line of defense entails security fencing. Strong Game Fencing

Whether on a farm, smallholding or in an urban area, security fencing is essential to secure the perimeter. This holds for agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial land protection. Chemvet Steel and Fencing understands the importance of using quality materials for perimeter protection. As such, we’ve developed a comprehensive portfolio to meet the security fencing needs of our clients. One such solution is the electric fence.

Electric fences have gained tremendous traction over the years to help farmers protect their assets. With the perimeter secured, the farmer can focus on core agricultural activities whilst having the assurance that steps have been taken to protect against livestock theft.

Our firm is an established supplier of JVA and Stafix products, from Ndlovu Fencing, to meet our clients’ requirements. The product range includes, but is not limited to:

  • Energizers
  • Gate automation
  • Surveillance systems
  • Monitoring products
  • Wall top
  • Off set
  • Fencing wire
  • Insulators
  • Tensioners

These work together to optimise the effectiveness of the electric fencing. The energizers are designed for superior performance. Use these in conjunction with our access control slide and swing gate automation solutions to streamline the securing of your premises. Add another layer of protection with wireless transmission-based cameras and surveillance systems for monitoring the perimeter and access areas. To complete the picture, we provide electric fence testers, posts, poles, software and monitor systems. With this comprehensive system, you benefit from a customisable electric fence solution.

Electric fencing holds several advantages, which include: Chemvet Game Fencing

  • Relatively low capital lay-out
  • Long lifespan
  • Adds to the protection layer of existing fences
  • Low cost of ownership over the lifespan of the fence
  • No risk of livestock injury
  • Waste reduction
  • Works for all types of livestock
  • Not labour intensive
  • Makes it easier to add back-fencing
  • Adds to securing layer when monitored
  • Makes it easier to apply quick grazing rotation systems

We offer customisable solutions, such as free-standing, wall-top and piggyback electric fences. The free-standing solution is well-suited for areas requiring extra protection. The fence is permanent and operates as a standalone perimeter protection solution. The wall-top type is used in conjunction with an existing boundary wall while the piggyback solution provides an extra layer of protection for your current boundary barrier. The fence is added on top of the existing barrier, whether it is a wire-based fence or palisade or a clear view-type fence.

Electric fences are one of the many security fencing solutions available from Chemvet. Other solutions to consider include:

  • Razor mesh fence – for high-security areas like industrial and government sites for maximum protection against intrusions. This type of fence is available in different heights according to client requirements.
  • Diamond mesh fence – for medium-level protection that can also be used for livestock protection, commercial or residential settings. The mesh consists of diamond-shaped, smooth woven wire. This type of fence is available in different heights according to client requirements. You can combine it with concertina razor wire or the flat-wrap type for maximum perimeter protection.
  • Welded mesh fence – for medium-level perimeter protection at, for instance, a dog kennel or for a large birdcage to prevent intrusion by snakes or other animals. This type of fence is available in different heights according to client requirements.
  • Palisade – medium-level securing of residential and commercial premises that allows for optimal visibility and aesthetic appeal while preventing easy intrusion. This type of fence is available in different heights according to client requirements.

Where to get more information about our security fencing options

Reach out to Chemvet via email at or call us at +27 (0)11 437 9000 for quotes and friendly assistance in choosing the fence solution that meets your security needs.

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