The Many Benefits of See-Through Fencing

Aug 20, 2022 | Articles

The Top Benefits of See-Through Fencing

See-through fencing is the most common type of barrier used on properties. The fences are erected to separate the property from its surroundings and to provide security to those working and residing there. These types of barriers are suitable for farming, industrial, commercial, and residential properties.

The Top Benefits of See-Through Fencing for the Farmer see-through fencing

Visibility of one’s surroundings is essential for the farmer who has to keep an eye on livestock in different camps, as well as monitor farming activities. In addition, the farmer wants a clear view of crops and irrigation systems. Finally, the farmer wants to prevent a situation where criminals can lurk behind a wall, waiting for the opportunity to strike. The farmer has more control over monitoring if he has a clear view of the surroundings.

The Top Benefits of See-Through Fencing for Commercial and Industrial Properties

Although it might be best to load and unload products out of sight from the public for security and safety reasons, these activities can be performed in the loading yard behind walls with electric or security fencing on top. For the front of the property, it’s best to have clear visibility of the surrounds to detect suspicious activities nearby.

If there’s a wall surrounding the property’s barrier, criminals that have gained access to the property will no longer be visible from the street. This gives them ample time to complete their objectives without anyone noticing as such.

Brands pay a lot of money for retail, commercial, and industrial properties located at highly-visible addresses. With visibility from the street, the company can use the opportunity to promote its brand and image through signage on the wall.

The Top Benefits of See-Through Fencing for Residential Properties

For residential free-standing homes, it’s imperative to ensure street visibility for the homeowner to detect suspicious activities in front or around the house.

Criminals also hide in gardens upon gaining unauthorised access to the property. A fence that allows for visibility from the street enables the homeowner to get a clear view of the garden should criminals gain entry to the property. This helps to protect against an ambush. In addition, a walled property gives the criminals free movement space in the garden and home without being seen from the street.

Types of Fences to Consider

A particular type of fence installation depends on factors like aesthetic appeal, location, height, and the purpose of the fence. At Chemvet Steel and Fencing, we offer a wide range of see-through fences to meet your application requirements. We also offer electric fences to add onto walls, existing fences, and standalone fences. Our product range includes:

  • Game fences
  • Stock fences
  • Security fences
  • Electric fences
  • Hinge joint fences

View the range of products to determine which fence will best suit your application needs. Reach out to our team for help in choosing see-through fencing for your security or farming needs. With quality assurance in place and a track record of product and service excellence, you can rest assured that we have you covered. We also deliver cross-border for your convenience.

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