Water Storage Solutions for Rainwater Collection

Dec 19, 2022 | Articles

jojo water storage tank

Seasonal changes, inclement weather and water shortages have made it necessary for farms, communities and households to invest in water storage solutions. Instead of letting water run-off go to waste in times of heavy rainfall, consider harvesting the rain by installing water tanks. Whether you need water for irrigation or livestock feeds, in your garden or your home, Chemvet Steel & Fencing has water storage solutions that cater to all applications.


Sustainable Water Storage Solutions

Simply put, without water, we would not survive. In some areas where the water supply is limited, finding alternative solutions has become critical. There are many advantages to rainwater collection, among them is having access to fresh water when you need it the most.


How Rainwater Collection Positively Impacts Farming

Water consumption for farming is much more than for personal households. Although many farmers opt for boreholes, there are times when the supply of water cannot sustain the high demands of large-scale agricultural farming. Hectares of farmland need to be irrigated and there must be a steady supply of drinking water for livestock. Water restrictions and rising electricity costs impact water usage on farms, especially those that rely on the municipal supply. Fixed or mobile water storage solutions offering storage capacities of up to 20 000 litres afford farmers the ability to harvest rainwater all year round. During times of low or seasonal rainfall, having access to stored water ensures continued crop irrigation and drinkable water. Farming is the life-blood of a population and water is the resource feeding it.


Doing Your Bit for the Environment

Clean water is a precious and, unfortunately, depleting resource. In times of heavy rainfall, water collects in gutters where, once it reaches a certain amount, it is forced through downpipes and the excess travels downstream into stormwater drains. Instead of letting this water go to waste, consider installing water tanks and feeding the water directly from your gutters into a tank. By using water tanks as a rainwater storage solution, you will be doing your part in lessening the demand on municipal water reserves and will be able to store up to 5500 litres of water per tank.


Access to Water Whenever You Need It

Whether you intend on using rainwater collection tanks to feed your home or garden, installing them as a storage solution is a smart decision. Having access to water whenever you need it provides you with water security. In times of intermittent supply and imposed restrictions, water storage solutions provide you with enough water for days on end. Using stored water for household applications reduces your monthly utility costs. One of the most advantageous factors of rainwater harvesting is having access to clean drinking water.


Water Storage Solutions for Any Application

At Chemvet Steel & Fencing, we understand the necessity of having access to water when needed and provide storage solutions suitable for any application. Our range of JoJo tanks is available in various sizes with holding capacities from 2500 to 20 000 litres per tank. If space is an issue, the Slimline and underground JoJo tanks are the perfect solutions. We also supply tank stands for above-ground tanks.

Established in 1979, Chemvet Steel & Fencing is the go-to specialist for steel, fencing, poultry houses and water storage solutions. Contact us for your specific water storage requirements.

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