Why Chemvet Steel & Fencing is the Leading Welded Mesh Supplier South Africa

Feb 8, 2024 | Articles

Hinge Joint / Blokdraaiheinings

Considered as probably the most versatile product over several sectors and for a plethora of applications, welded mesh has proven to be the go-to choice for industry, commerce, and agriculture. Aligning your interests with the leading welded mesh supplier South Africa, Chemvet Steel & Fencing, assures you of superior craftsmanship, high-quality steel materials, and a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. From the wire that provides perfect perimeter protection to the fencing that delineates grazing pastures, we take pride in supplying South Africans with high-calibre steel and fencing products at affordable prices.


Revolutionise Your Fencing Strategy with the Best Welded Mesh Supplier South Africa

Before delving into the various factors that need to be considered, perhaps we should take a moment to explain to novices and remind veterans what welded mesh is. Simply put, it is wire that is welded to create a rigid grid-like structure through the precise fusion of intersecting wires. This not only enhances strength but also allows welded mesh suppliers South Africa, such as Chemvet Steel & Fencing, to offer custom configurations in size and mesh specifications. As our welded mesh is manufactured from pre-galvanised steel wire, the mesh gains an extra layer of defence against corrosion, rust, and harsh weather conditions, making it the most durable and long-lasting fencing solution.


Customised Fencing Solutions

What makes us the top welded mesh supplier South Africa is our understanding of how various aspects of steel fabrication work and how we, in turn, can take these methods and apply them to our fencing solutions. With that in mind, we realised that varying thicknesses of wire and aperture sizes deliver different results depending on the application. Before installing or applying our welded mesh to a project, we would suggest that you consider the following:

  • Wire Thickness – the thickness of the wire used in the mesh determines its strength.
  • Apertures – the spacing between the wires is referred to as apertures. Careful consideration must go into this, specifically when it comes to determining the level of visibility and security needed.
  • Installation – whether you are a seasoned pro or a budding DIY enthusiast, as your chosen welded mesh supplier South Africa, we will be on hand to assist you with all the gear you need for your fence installation.


A Reputation Based on Quality, Honesty, and Integrity

If you are looking for a welded mesh supplier South Africa that promises competitive pricing and delivers top-quality welded mesh, then expect sub-par material and products. For over 40 years, we have staked our reputation on supplying cost-effective steel and fencing solutions without ever compromising on quality.

Even though our journey started as a fencing manufacturer, our passion for providing superior-quality materials and products at highly competitive prices catapulted us into manufacturing and supplying steel structures. In fact, our reputation in the industry has grown exponentially, affording us the opportunity to now offer steel maintenance and repair services.

When we are asked why customers both near and far choose to work with us, the answer is simple: we believe that honesty and integrity in business still exists. A handshake and our word is our bond and quality will always come before quantity. If you are looking for superior-grade fencing, knowledgeable advice, as well as exceptional before- and after-sales service, contact us at Chemvet Steel & Fencing, your partner in steel solutions since 1979.

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