An Effective Electric Fencing System for Farmers

Feb 14, 2023 | Articles

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In the late 1800s, barbed wire was introduced as a means to keep livestock safe from predators, fields segregated and neighbouring herds from trespassing. As much as barbed wire fencing is still being used, more farmers are looking at electric fencing as a cost-effective way of keeping their livestock, crops and homesteads safe and as an effective method of strip or controlled grazing. Vested in providing enhanced safety and smart technology to farming communities is Chemvet Steel and Fencing, manufacturers and suppliers of various types of electric fencing.


Weighing Up the Advantages and Costs of Electric Fencing

Before making a financial investment, farmers will have to consider the cost of fencing against the potential benefits:

  • As electric fencing is considered a psychological barrier, it can be made from light and less costly materials.
  • Construction is easier which means less labour is required.
  • Reduced physical pressure from livestock results in a longer lifespan and less maintenance.
  • It can be used to reinforce existing fencing.
  • More flexible and rotational pasture management is ensured.
  • Livestock will not succumb to injury when they come into contact with the fence.
  • All classes of livestock can be contained.
  • It is a formidable security barrier protecting your property and livestock against stock theft.


Importance of Reduced Wastage through Controlled Grazing  

It may seem odd that electric fencing can be used to reduce wastage in farming. However, pastures and livestock alike benefit from the practice of strip grazing. Farmers use temporary electric fencing as it eliminates unnecessary trampling, keeps livestock contained in paddocks, ensures optimal use of pastures and keeps growing vegetation ungrazed.  Using an electric fence to section off an area of vegetation and allowing livestock to graze in that area only for a limited amount of time stops overgrazing.

The area that needs to be strip grazed uses portable poly wire single strands which effectively and simply tap off the subdividing electric fencing. For controlled grazing of larger areas, position the energiser in the centre. The live wire along the fence line should be placed at the nose or shoulder height of the livestock. Do not attempt to rush or crowd them, let them find out for themselves that the fence is hostile.


Be in Control of Your Assets

Having your customised Stafix or JVA electric fencing system provides you with all-around security even when you are not there. LCD displays on energisers provide farmers with the means of identifying if there are any problems along the fence line by visually interpreting the voltages and stored joules. Through a cell phone app, you can fully control and monitor your agricultural energisers which are compatible with the range of JVA solar and portable energisers. Smart technology at your fingertips affords you peace of mind knowing that your assets are protected.


Leaders in Steel and Fencing

If you are still on the fence regarding electric fencing, hopefully, Chemvet Steel and Fencing has shed some light on the numerous advantages that it presents. Since 1971, we have been the go-to specialists for steel, fencing and poultry houses. We supply all the gear you will need to set up your fencing including posts, stays, gates and wire. From gate automation and access control to surveillance systems and security fencing, we’ve got you covered. Contact us and one of our sales team members will gladly discuss your ideal fencing solution with you.

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