The Best Form of Security Fencing is any Fencing that can Act as a Deterrent to both Humans and Animals Alike

Dec 19, 2022 | Articles

Chemvet security fencing

Your home is your castle, the place that you retreat to at the end of the day to unwind and relax, where your children can play freely and where securing their safety with security fencing is your number one priority. Fences may not stop criminals in their tracks, but they act as a deterrent against them as well as keep roving animals off your property. The type of fencing you choose through Chemvet Steel & Fencing depends on its purpose and the degree of security needed.


Reasons to Install Security Fencing on Your Property

There used to be a time when fences around properties were used to demarcate boundaries and keep your pets and children inside the borders of your property. With the increasing crime rates and the need for privacy, security fencing has gained popularity. The fact that fencing adds value to your property and can be aesthetically pleasing is a bonus.



Protecting your home from potential criminals or vandals is the main reason why security fencing is installed. Making sure that your family stays enclosed in an area where they are safe to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of external dangers brings peace of mind. Having palisade fencing or walling with a piggyback electric fence is an effective deterrent and still lends to the appeal of your home.



Having passers-by peering into your property is unpleasant, to say the least. Being at home means spending quality time with your family and expecting privacy. You should not have to be concerned about others peeking through your windows and determining the layout of your property. Safety fencing provides a degree of privacy for your family and makes it less likely that your privacy will be invaded by curious passers-by.


Protection for Businesses

For businesses, security fencing ensures the safety of your site which includes your employees and customers entering your premises. Having fences and gates along your property allows the company to control who gains access and adds privacy when required. When it comes to parameter security for businesses, free-standing electric fencing acts as the best deterrent.


Fencing for Farms

Providing security for farms requires additional consideration. Not only should it act as a deterrent, but it has to be strong enough to keep livestock in and predators out. Large grazing areas can pose a problem to secure, and, in most instances, farmers choose mesh fencing to segregate fields and act as a barrier of protection. Besides livestock and feed, one of the biggest expenses on farms is the equipment and machinery. To prevent equipment, livestock, or harvested crops from being stolen, having fencing installed around the entire boundary of the farm is the ideal deterrent.


The Leaders in Security Fencing

Whether your fencing is needed for security, to keep unwanted persons or animals out, to provide a veil of privacy, or act as a deterrent against stock theft, Chemvet Steel & Fencing supplies a wide range of fencing options. Since 1979, we have been manufacturing quality steel fencing that is fully customised and affordable to farms, private residences and other sectors of industry. Not only do we supply electric fencing, diamond mesh, razor mesh and palisade fencing, but we can deliver and install your fencing of choice for you.

If you are still on the fence about getting security fencing installed, contact the leaders in steel and fencing, Chemvet.

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