JoJo Tanks are the Ideal Water Storage Tanks for Rainwater Harvesting

Jan 31, 2023 | Articles

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With increases in water consumption due to exponential population growth, climate change affecting annual rainfall patterns and failing piping systems affecting the quality of South Africa’s water supply, a sustainable cost-effective solution through rainwater harvesting and the use of JoJo tanks will ease the burden on the country’s straining water supply. Chemvet Steel & Fencing offers varying sizes of JoJo tanks to make rainwater harvesting accessible to households, businesses as well as rural and farming communities.


Simple yet Effective Sustainable Water Management with JoJo Tanks

Rainwater harvesting can be accomplished through various methods, the most typical being man-made collection points or from rooftops.

  1. Dams and reservoirs

Man-made dams and reservoirs provide the perfect platform for rainwater harvesting in large quantities which is ideal for greywater use such as toilet cisterns, washing machines, vegetable gardens and small-scale irrigation projects. Water is pumped from the source through strategically placed pipes into on-ground, elevated, or underground JoJo tanks. Elevated tanks have the benefit of gravity feeding the water through the pipes thereby eliminating the need for an additional pump and the use of electricity.

  1. Rooftop collections

Rooftops are the ideal catchment surface for rainwater harvesting. Using the gutters to “catch” and funnel the water through pipes into JoJo tanks is an effective and simple way to collect excess rainwater. The pipes are normally fitted to the end of the gutters with mesh covering the openings to prevent debris and leaves from entering the tank. Including mesh is an important aspect of rooftop rainwater harvesting as it determines the cleanliness of the water being collected, which ultimately affects how the stored water will be used.


The JoJo Tank Advantage

Whether the intended use for rainwater harvesting is for indoor, non-potable applications, crop irrigation or maintaining a sustainable lifestyle, there are JoJo tanks to suit specific water storage needs. Above-ground water storage in the form of vertical, slim, horizontal and low-profile tanks offers a wide range of storage capacities. Horizontal tanks, in particular, are designed in such a way that they can be stationary or used as a mobile water supply. If limited outdoor space is a concern, underground storage tanks make it possible to keep your stored water supply underneath lawns, gardens and walkways storing up to 6000 litres at a time. The versatility of these tanks enables anyone to have access to harvested rainwater.


Keeping Your JoJo Tank Clean

To ensure that your water storage tank remains clean and debris-free, consider these tips:

  • Regular cleaning of your rooftop will assist in preventing contamination run-off.
  • Trim any branches that are close to the roof, gutters and storage tanks.
  • Keep your gutters free from leaves and check that the mesh isn’t blocked.
  • Water collected from rooftops isn’t clean. So, if you intend to use the water for drinking, ensure that a water filtration system is installed.

A properly designed water storage system won’t have any leaves or build-up inside the tank.


Robust and Versatile Water Storage Solutions

For over 40 years, Chemvet Steel & Fencing has been the go-to specialist for the manufacture, supply, delivery, and installation of quality steel and fencing. South Africans and clients North of our borders now not only have the benefit of our superior fencing products but also of robust and versatile JoJo tanks as optimal water storage solutions. Visit our Facebook page to find out more about the various projects that we have proudly completed or been a part of or contact us today.

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