What are the Benefits of Using Netting Wire as a Fencing Solution?

Jul 3, 2023 | Articles


If you are enclosing your property or a portion thereof, whether to keep people or animals out or to keep livestock in, have you ever considered netting wire as a viable solution? Due to security concerns in South Africa, property owners can no longer rely on three- or four-strand wire fencing to keep themselves, their loved ones, and their livestock safe from opportunistic criminals.

In today’s society, perimeter netting wire fencing might strike the perfect balance between durability, security, safety, and aesthetics. Modern wire fencing options may include welded mesh, barbed wire, diamond mesh, razor wire, and more in different gauges for different animal types and sizes.

At Chemvet Steel & Fencing, as professional fencing suppliers, we offer a full range of wire fencing solutions, including netting wire. We know the many benefits of utilising these versatile, cost-efficient enclosures. In this article, we will discuss a few of the many advantages they may offer:


Advantages of Installing Netting Wire

Here are a few benefits of netting wire you should be aware of:

  1. Ease of Installation

Erecting and maintaining fences can be a challenging, back-breaking task. No two fences are the same. The size of the fenced area and size of the animals to be confined or kept out will determine how tall or strong your fence needs to be. Netting wire offers easier installation and is easier to mend than traditional board and post alternatives.


  1. Cost-Effective Enclosure Options

Typically, wood and thin wire have been the materials of choice for enclosures. But wood is expensive and it rots, costing fortunes in maintenance, and thin wire and post options are no longer effective as a security solution. Netting wire is weather-resistant and long-lasting, allowing for an initial investment and minimal maintenance after that.


  1. Transparency and Visibility

If you opt for netting wire, transparency into the enclosure makes it easier to monitor your stock. Headcounts are easy and there are no visual obstructions. However, when it comes to predators or opportunistic thieves, you can see them through the barrier. Additionally, it is still highly visible and if the animals are frightened, they can see the obstruction and won’t attempt to charge through it.


  1. Longevity and Durability

While wire does not rot, it may deteriorate from exposure to the elements. However, wire fencing is durable and lasts a lot longer. Once installed, standard wire might last up to two decades with minimal maintenance. Galvanised wire, while being more expensive, can last for many decades longer.


  1. Versatility

Possibly one of the best benefits of netting wire fencing solutions is the freedom to customise the configuration of the enclosures to fit most needs. The same fencing that encloses cattle, sheep, or goats could make for attractive enclosures for equestrian farms or poultry enclosures, or to enclose your residential property.


The Go-To Professionals in Superior-Quality Fencing Products

Whether you need your fencing for safety and security or the prevention of stock theft, we at Chemvet Steel & Fencing supply the best range of fencing options. We have manufactured fully customised, superior-quality fencing products at affordable prices since 1979. Additionally, we offer our clients professional delivery and installation options, as well as DIY solutions.

With our well-known, friendly customer relations, expert advice, and renowned name and reputation for excellent after-sales service, we are proudly the go-to specialists in the industry. Contact us today. Our fully qualified team is always on hand to assist you with all your fencing requirements.

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