Secure Commercial, Industrial and Government Sites with Razor Wire Fencing

Mar 17, 2023 | Articles

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Strong, sharp and tightly installed, razor wire fencing will make an intruder think twice before attempting to scale walls or fences. Not only does this type of fence add height to existing walled structures but it is an ideal deterrent as it offers no grip making it almost impossible to climb over without risking serious injury. Understanding the importance of securing a property, whether it is commercial, industrial, or government-owned, has made Chemvet Steel and Fencing the leader in steel fencing products.


Difference between Barbed and Razor Wire Fencing

Unlike barbed wire fencing where the strands are stretched out along the width of the fenced-off area with spiked barbs spaced along the twisted strands, razor wire fencing is made from high-tension strands using quality-grade galvanised steel. Sharp metal blades have been equidistantly placed on the strands which are specifically designed to snag clothing and cut through flesh. The rigidity and stability of flat wrap or concertina razor wire complement existing high-security fencing by providing an additional barrier of protection.


An Effective Barrier of Protection

The success of razor wire fencing lies in the length of the blades that line the strands providing no room for possible foot or hand grip. Flat wrap-type fencing is ideal as an addition to walls and fences where a flat-top surface needs to be maintained without hampering access to the premises.

Concertina-type fencing with its high-tensile wire consists of looped lengths of bladed wire which, once uncoiled, can be placed on top of existing fencing such as diamond mesh fencing and palisade fencing to name a few. Providing an almost three-dimensional protection barrier, it makes it difficult to climb over or around the fence. Razor wire fencing is virtually impossible to penetrate or damage with standard tools.


A Cost-effective Solution

Commercial, industrial and government facilities are at high risk and as such need to be properly protected. Employing the services of around-the-clock security is not always a viable option and more often than not, the personnel cannot monitor the entire perimeter. Razor wire fencing, in conjunction with other types of fencing, remains the most cost-effective long-term security solution with the added benefit of requiring little maintenance over its lifespan.

As a first line of defence around government buildings, razor wire fencing heightens existing security systems and is a visible deterrent. Surrounding government facilities, this fence is used to fortify systems that are already in place and are additional security features.


A Visible and Psychological Barrier

There’s no doubt that at first glance razor wire fencing looks formidable and impenetrable. Would-be intruders will be visibly deterred upon closer inspection of the coiled design and its sharp, imposing blades.


Leaders in Steel Fencing   

Although the installation of a razor wire fence may seem relatively simple, it would be advisable to contact the professionals at Chemvet Steel and Fencing. Established in 1979, we are the go-to specialists for steel, fencing and poultry houses. Whether you require electric or stock fencing, not only do we supply your selected option for you, but we will go the extra mile by delivering and installing it as well. We are the leading manufacturers of top-quality fences and our DIY fencing solutions cater to individual requirements. Contact us and we will provide you with effective security fencing.

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