Choosing the Right Roof Sheeting Supplier in South Africa

Jul 21, 2023 | Articles

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When it comes to selecting the right type of roofing material for structures, it is advisable to select durable roof sheeting that will last for many years without needing replacement or major maintenance. Finding a roof sheeting supplier in South Africa that offers you a variety of roofing and cladding options, is reasonably priced, and comes with the technical know-how and decades of experience is why you need to turn to us at Chemvet Steel & Fencing – the leader in steel and fencing products.

At Chemvet Steel & Fencing, we will assist you in finding the most affordable solution and provide you with the strongest material and structural design for protection, whether the roof sheeting you select is for your home, business, or outbuildings on your farm.


What is Roof Sheeting?

Roof sheeting, like roof tiles, has been designed to protect the interior of a building, provide thermal insulation, and prevent excess water from collecting on the roof. The unique ribbed and fluted design of our roof sheeting provides a natural channelling system into the flashing or gutters installed around the roof.


Different Types of Roof Sheeting

With roof sheeting rising in popularity, and as your preferred supplier in South Africa, we at Chemvet Steel & Fencing offer several options, with each being specifically designed for maximum longevity.

  1. Corrugated Iron

One of the most popular choices of roof sheeting and cladding is corrugated iron. The familiar design of corrugated roof sheeting is commonly sought after due to its ease of handling, durability, lightweight properties, and ability to handle adverse weather conditions. Unlike other types of roofing material, corrugated iron does not rot, and if properly treated, will prevent mildew and algae growth.


  1. Widespan

Providing the same covering width as corrugated iron yet offering greater spans and lower roof slopes, Widespan roof sheeting is the economic roofing and cladding alternative to Box Rib profiles, without losing the aesthetics of the square fluted design.


  1. IBR Roof Sheeting

This roofing and cladding sheeting offers excellent drainage and makes use of optimal weight-to-span or load capabilities. IBR roof sheeting is available in a range of materials, each taking structural properties into account. The load-span characteristics are guidelines that do not take prevailing winds into account, and we would suggest that you consult with an engineer before applying the sheets.


  1. Craft Lock

Craft Lock has been uniquely designed with concealed fasteners, making it difficult for them to be removed from the outside. This roof sheeting material can be reused by removing the hold-down clips as there are no holes in the sheets. Overlapping sheets have minimal contact and are well ventilated, eliminating the danger of corrosion underneath the overlap.


  1. Chromadek

If having colour-coated roof and cladding steel sheeting is preferable, consider Chromadek. Designed to be lighter and stronger than its non-steel counterparts, it saves on the roof structure, time taken for construction, and cost. The unique coating ensures longevity and enhances energy efficiency.


As roof dimensions are not all standard, we at Chemvet Steel & Fencing will crank, curve, and bullnose your corrugated, Widespan, or IBR roof sheeting to your specific requirements.

For over 40 years, we have been the go-to specialists for bespoke designs and DIY fencing and steel solutions by providing you with the equipment, gear, and products needed for a successful installation. Contact us about your specific fencing or steel requirements.

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