Chemvet is a Leading Widespan Roof Sheeting Supplier in South Africa

Jan 31, 2023 | Articles

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Designed for residential, commercial and industrial projects that require roof sheeting at greater spans and lower roof slopes, Widespan roof sheeting has become the popular and cost-effective choice for roofing and cladding. Chemvet Steel & Fencing is the preferred supplier of Widespan roof sheeting in South Africa because our products are made from quality-grade steel and in accordance with your requirements.


Why Use Widespan Roof Sheeting instead of IBR?

As an economic and effective alternative to IBR (Inverted Box Rib) sheeting, Widespan sheeting provides the aesthetics of its more expensive counterparts without compromising on the covering width provided by Corrugated sheeting. Understanding that roofing and cladding differ based on structural requirements, our sheeting can be cranked, curved and bull-nosed to various radii for your building requirements.


Advantages of Roof Sheeting

  • As it provides a wider cover, fewer sheets are needed making for a quicker installation.
  • Placed correctly on purlins, they are structurally stronger which improves security.
  • The ribbed profile offers great water run-off making Widespan the perfect option to use in conjunction with rainwater harvesting.
  • Widespan has stronger resistance to natural elements such as wind and rain.


Creating a Sturdy Framework

The load span characteristics of roof sheeting should only be considered a general guideline as purlin spacing is dependent upon weather factors such as wind. Ensuring that the framework for your sheeting is sturdy, Chemvet Steel & Fencing has compiled these nifty insights into purlins and spacing:

  • Purlins assist in transferring the loads imposed by the sheeting to the primary construction adding to the structural integrity of the building by keeping everything in place.
  • Roof sheeting should be at least 50mm wide to easily affix to the purlins.
  • Once positioned, the purlins should be no further than 1.2m apart if the thickness of the sheeting is 0.7mm and 1m when 0.5mm thick.

The requirements will vary, and this can only be seen as a rough guide. If the spacing should be problematic, our experienced sales team is on hand to assist you with the purlin spacing for the specific width and thickness of our Widespan option.


Measurements for Optimum Strength

For optimum structural integrity and to withstand certain load capacities, strong winds and rain, the fluted sections are 119mm wide between the raised ribs and 23,25mm high at the highest point of the raised rib section providing a cover width of 762mm with an overall width of 800mm per sheet.


Roof Pitch and Overlaps

For the roof to operate safely, the degree of the pitch or slope determines the length of the roof sheeting. Should the pitch be 10 degrees, sheeting lengths can be more than 30 metres. If the lengths are shorter than 30 metres, the slope can go down to 7.5 degrees. Depending on the slope of your roof, we recommend that the overlap of your sheeting should not be less than 100mm.


Where to Find Us?

With our head office in Germiston, Chemvet Steel & Fencing is ideally situated to supply various market sectors within South Africa with quality steel and fencing products. Our reputation has afforded us the opportunity of extending our footprint into neighbouring countries and those further afield. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, you can trust us for your roof sheeting, fencing and water storage solutions. Contact us today.

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