Securing Property Parameters with Palisade Fencing

Dec 4, 2023 | Articles

palisade fencing

Securing the parameters of any property, whether residential, commercial, or industrial starts with selecting the right type of fencing. Palisade fencing has proven its efficacy in protecting properties without hampering visibility. Manufactured from high-grade quality steel and either installed as a DIY project or by professionals, this fencing has proven time and again to be a difficult-to-breach formidable boundary.


Palisade Fencing: Keeping Properties and Loved Ones Safe

With several types of fencing available, we at Chemvet Steel & Fencing would like you to consider the benefits that palisade fencing has to offer and why it will work for your property.


  • Visual Deterrent

The objective behind fencing off properties is to prevent intruders from entering, and with that in mind, it makes sense to install fencing that is durable, serves its purpose, yet is still aesthetically pleasing. Single spear, triple pointed, or curved spiked tops on palisade fencing visually present an insurmountable barrier. Intruders may be stopped in their tracks when faced with this boundary of protection that could cause major injuries.


  • Difficult to Gain Access

With each pole placed equidistant from each other and lacking horizontal bars in between, palisade fencing is designed in such a way that it is almost impossible to gain a foothold. Ladders against the fence line may allow intruders to get to the top of it but the spikes present a challenge for them to get over.


  • No Impaired Visibility

As much as the fence or wall you select for your property is your first line of protection, it is advisable to select parameter protection that doesn’t impair visibility. The advantage of palisade fencing is that you can see past your property line and be on the lookout for intruders that shouldn’t be there. Should the top of the fence line be breached, with the surroundings being visible, it allows you to immediately notice if there is an uninvited guest on your property.


  • Durability and Longevity

No matter what size your property is, fencing the entire boundary line can be extremely costly. It is wise to select a type of fence that is made from durable materials and that will last for decades without needing too much maintenance. At Chemvet Steel & Fencing, our palisades are not only made from superior-quality steel, which is extremely durable but can also be hot-dipped galvanised for extended longevity. This tougher outer coating provides better corrosion protection when exposed to harsh conditions, which fencing is.


  • Low Cost of Ownership

When you factor in the lifespan of palisade fencing, the initial outlay pays for itself in the long run. Unlike other types of walling or fencing that require a fresh coat of paint every few years or wire tensioning to keep the fence rigid, palisade fencing requires barely any maintenance. We would suggest inspecting the fence line yearly to see if any areas may need repair.


Trust the Security of Your Property to the Experts

For over 40 years, we at Chemvet Steel & Fencing have proudly manufactured and customised fencing solutions for residences, commerce, industry, and agriculture. By adhering to, and maintaining, stringent quality controls and ISO standards on our side, it ensures that our customers, both near and far, receive only the highest quality steel products from us. Whether your fencing is required to contain livestock or keep loved ones and assets safe, contact the go-to specialists and we can discuss your security requirements with you.

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