Palisade Fencing Installation for Security and Privacy

Apr 24, 2023 | Articles

Palisade Fencing

Having a secure perimeter around your property doesn’t mean that you need to obscure your view with high, solid concrete walls. Palisade fencing provides you with the security you need and privacy from passersby without hampering your view. With panels made from steel attached to vertical joists, the construction of our palisade fencing at Chemvet Steel & Fencing creates a solid barrier of protection without compromising on the aesthetics of your home or business.


How we Manufacture Our Palisade Fencing

For improved tensile strength and toughness, we employ the hot-rolled method in manufacturing our palisade fencing panels and posts. Through the heat treatment of the steel, not only does it ensure that the fencing is durable, but it also has the added benefit of eliminating residual stresses. We know that security is an investment, and as such, have gone to great lengths to ensure that our palisade fencing has been manufactured to last.

Available in varying lengths and widths, we will assist you in determining the number of panels and posts needed before installation, ensuring that your fence is the formidable security barrier that you need it to be.


Our Design Options on Offer

The most recognisable facet of palisade fencing is the pointed tips on each paling. At Chemvet Steel & Fencing, we provide Devil’s Fork, 3-Spike, and 7-Spike paling options, making it virtually impossible to gain entry onto your property. The palings have been specifically designed to snag intruders and prevent them from gaining access over the fence as the spiked designs provide little to no grip without injury.


Your Formidable Barrier of Protection

Our fences are widely used in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. The manufacturing process combined with the fence design is what makes palisade fencing a strong visible deterrent, beneficial to those that choose to have it installed.

  • Limited Cover for Intruders – with most security fencing providing little to no visibility, the ideally spaced palings of palisade fencing afford owners their much-needed privacy without obscuring any visible vantage points.
  • Lack of Footholds – the use of strong steel panelling and sturdy construction makes it tough to break down the fence with force. The lack of footholds and spiked tips also deter any would-be criminals from attempting to climb the fence.
  • Increase Security – to make your fencing even more difficult to access, adding height, barbed wire, or electric fencing on top of the fence increases your security.
  • Ease of Installation – the beauty of palisade fencing is that it adapts to the contours of the ground, making installation relatively simplistic.
  • Low Maintenance – as a durable material, steel does not require regular maintenance or repairs and can withstand extreme weather variations.


If you are looking for perimeter security that provides high visibility, palisade fencing is the ideal option.


Leaders in Security Fencing

From its intimidating appearance to its outstanding security credentials, it is clear our palisade fencing is the preferred property perimeter protection.

For over 40 years, we have proudly manufactured and supplied quality and affordable fencing to a wide industry sector and continue to do so. As go-to specialists in fencing and steel products, we go the extra mile by offering delivery and installation for those not too keen on DIY. Consult with us for your security fencing requirements.

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