Advantages of a Top-Quality Electric Fencing System

Aug 16, 2023 | Articles

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Primarily created to keep livestock contained, what was a relatively simplistic system has been improved upon by the security industry, providing farmers, residences, and businesses with an electric fencing system for protection. Finding the most effective electric fencing system is possible through Chemvet Steel & Fencing, proud suppliers of Stafix and JVA products.


Perfect Perimeter Protection with an Electric Fencing System

When it comes to securing your loved ones and assets, you will go to any lengths necessary, even if it means spending thousands. There is a misconception that electric fencing systems cost an arm and leg due to the intricacies involved with the wiring and set-up. Surprisingly, these perfect perimeter protection barriers are quite affordable and simplistic to install, and require minimalistic maintenance compared to their regular counterparts.

Considered a psychological barrier, an electric fencing system is designed to deliver a short, sharp shock on contact. This powerful, yet memorable, shock is enough to discourage would-be criminals from gaining access to your property. As much as these fences are a deterrent, they are specifically calibrated to ensure that the shock delivered isn’t too dangerous or fatal.


Benefitting Farmers

An electric fencing system is a safer alternative than conventional fencing, such as barbed or woven wire, which can harm livestock. Keeping livestock contained to prevent them from roaming and protecting them from predators are a few of the benefits that these fences have for the farming community.

  • They provide better and more flexible pasture management, which in turn, reduces waste and improves the health of the pasture.
  • It facilitates quick rotation grazing, preventing the build-up of parasites in pastures, keeping livestock healthier.
  • Farmers can have more flexible options with back fencing by fencing off similar enclosures, which prevents regrowth from pastures being grazed too early.


Basic Components of Effective Electric Fencing

Quality electric fencing is only effective if the three basic units work effectively together and are free of faults. Whether required for protection or containment, the energiser, earthing system, and fence line need to form a complete closed circuit system to deliver a shock. In moist soil conditions, the circuit is closed between the live wire and ground when livestock make contact with the fence. As dry soil is a poor conductor of electricity, the livestock closes the circuit between the live and earth return wire.

To make sure that the power for your electric fencing system is where it should be, keep the fence line free of vegetation, and make sure that the joins are well clamped and that the earthing stakes have not deteriorated or that the clamps attaching the earth wire to the energiser have become unattached.


Selecting the Right Type of Energiser

Basing your choice of energiser on size alone will not make your electric fencing effective. Several factors need to be taken into consideration, such as fence construction, soil type, wiring, and diameter of the fencing, to name a few. The strength of the energiser is also determined by what the fencing will be used for, security or livestock control, whether there is a power supply on-site, and whether the fence is permanent or temporary.


Industry Leader in Fencing Solutions

For over 40 years, we at Chemvet Steel & Fencing have proudly manufactured and supplied superior-quality customised fencing and steel products to a wide industry sector. We supply all the necessary equipment, gear, and material, making it possible for us to cater to the DIY enthusiast and offer our services to those that prefer a professional fence installation. Contact us and we will gladly assist you with your unique fencing requirements.

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