Water Tanks: Solutions for Residential, Commercial and Agricultural Sectors

Feb 14, 2023 | Articles

jojo horisontal water tank

Agriculture, mining, business and industry are the financial backbone of a country and without the finite resource of water to make these sectors thrive the economic future is in dire decline. The practical, potable, cost-effective and reliable solution to this ever-growing problem is water tanks. Tapping into aquifers to fill up water storage tanks and harvesting rainwater are two of the many ways that commerce, agriculture, and households alike can do their bit to preserve this dwindling natural resource. As approved distributors of JoJo tanks, Chemvet Steel and Fencing offers a range of water tanks affording all the opportunity of having access to useable water.


Water Storage Solutions: Your Municipal Back-up in Business and at Home

The day-to-day use of water at home or in business is never questioned and rarely pondered. Taps are opened often to fill kettles and wash hands and dishes, and toilets are flushed at regular intervals with the assumption that the water will always flow. But what if the supply from your local municipality is intermittent, or worse still, barely existent? Water tanks are the perfect storage solutions for water reserves and more households and businesses are turning to rainwater collection as a means to combat the growing frustration of failing infrastructures and as a backup system during times of scarcity.

Either used as grey water or as clean, useable water, the benefits of the various-sized water tanks in the residential and commercial sectors are numerous:

  • See a reduction in your water expense.
  • Decrease your need to rely on municipal water supply for watering lawns and gardens.
  • Significantly reduce the operating costs of your company.
  • Experience an increase in your property value.
  • Enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your business and home can continue running smoothly in times of water shortages.


Capturing, Collecting and Storing Water for Farming

Agriculture is a crucial industry without which we would not be able to survive and thrive. Where once farmers had to rely upon the weather to see to crop irrigation and livestock watering, climate change, pollution and other mitigating factors have caused unpredictable weather patterns that can no longer be a reliable option. Farmers need alternative solutions, such as water tanks, to provide them with water storage for the drier seasons.

As much as they rely on rainwater harvesting to fill collection tanks, groundwater is fast becoming the most dependable water source in many farming communities. With a reliable pumping system in place, water can be pumped from the borehole source into water tanks to be used for irrigation and to fill up additional tanks for underground water storage. Potable horizontal tanks are the perfect solutions to provide water to areas on farms where there is no access to water.


Chemvet is the Choice Supplier of JoJo Tanks

If you are looking for water tanks for your home, or business, or as an extension of your irrigation system, Chemvet Steel and Fencing can supply you with a purpose-designed water storage solution. From vertical (with a storage capacity of up to 20 000 litres) to horizontal JoJo tanks that can store up to 5500 litres of water per tank, you will always have access to water where and when you need it. We are an established manufacturer of customised high-quality steel and fencing and we also supply various market sectors throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries with water storage solutions. Contact us for your perfect water storage system.

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